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Royal Enfield Int 650

The Royal Enfield Intercepter 650 is the most popular new bike in the UK right now. It’s a “retro” bike – looking like Royal Enfield offerings of the 60/70s, but with modern features like ABS and fuel-injection.

I now own one. (-: The photograph above is from its maiden ride.

I sold my Africa Twin, mainly because it was big and I wasn’t gonna do long tours. I then bought this for $4500. And it’s fun. I love zipping around on it. It’s lighter. Shorter. Easier. I notice that people walk around and look at it when it’s parked.

Is it the bike the Africa Twin was? Heck no. It’s just fine though. In my “perfect” world I’d probably tweak the front suspension a bit, it’s harsh on pot holes. But other than that, very nice.