SGT Thomas A. Baker, MOH

I recall reading his story when I was a kid. This portion stuck with me:

At his request, his comrades left him propped against a tree and gave him a pistol, which had eight bullets remaining. When American forces retook the position, they found the pistol, then empty, and eight dead Japanese soldiers around Baker’s body.[2]

At some point, I want to get a military handgun marksmanship award named in honor of Sgt Thomas A. Baker. I’m in a position, oddly, where I will probably be working with people that could make that happen. This is a public reminder to me to get it done!

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Deep into the WWII historical non-fiction trilogy by Ian Toll. Worthy cause! If people of today had any clue of the sacrifices that have been made by our soldiers, not only on behalf of the USA but the world, nobody would ever kneel before the flag.