Mom and Pop Place Quietly Pushes Back

Recently, while traveling in a lockdown state, we visited a non-chain, family owned, Italian restaurant that was open for business as usual. We sat inside, maskless, with attentive waiters, fine wine, and great fresh made in house pasta, and a veal recommended by the owner and his son.

This must have been what it was like, sort of, to visit a speakeasy back during prohibition. The food was great. The service great. But was my perception tilted by what we were really doing? Living life, as it should be, ignoring ridiculous edicts from politicians and bureaucrats? Probably so. And I’d do it again – I hope very soon.

2 replies on “Mom and Pop Place Quietly Pushes Back”

I saw one of my spots open and doing indoor seating, in violation of local and state guidelines. Good for them! Corky’s in Eastvale has been doing indoor for months, basically thumbing their nose. We have eaten there several times. I think it is fantastic and necessary.