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My name is Ken Nelson. I am a computer scientist / entrepreneur living in St George Utah. I take pictures, mountain bike, e-bike ride bike trails, dirt bike, street ride motorcycles, shoot and compete with guns, hike desert trails, and play guitar. I’m married with grown kids.

I also read and share. This new KenNelson.com (Jan 21) continues a long tradition of me reading in the morning, musing and posting my thoughts to social media (www.facebook.com/KennethCNelson).

I discontinued using Facebook for that purpose because I view their algorithm and their founder as corrosive and dangerous for our culture and nation. I informally calculated I was earning _them_ a hundred dollars or more a day in ads shown around posts I generated.

Their algorithm harms us, and Zuck’s massive spending on certain electoral and social policies harms us. So I stopped helping them do that.

Ken N.

Notes on content here:

TLDR = Too Long Didn’t Read (you not me). In the TLDR section of a post I try to summarize the linked article as fairly and accurately and concisely as possible.

Related… TLDW (Too Long Didn’t Watch) for videos. and TLDL (Too Long Didn’t Listen) for podcasts.

Comment policy... disagree all you want, but NEVER do personal attacks against me or other commenters. That will get your comment deleted, and if you persist – banned.

Ken Nelson
St George, UT
Jan 2021

One reply on “About Me”

Glad you’re continuing the TLDR writings. I always learn from them. Hope to see you on the range soon!