First… kill all the algorithms.



Big tech algorithms can’t be “tweaked” or monitored by humans… instead just ban them.

Ken’s Take:

A variant is for the user to be able to select their algorithm, and to have that algorithm provided in an open marketplace by non-platform players. My algorithm would be chronological + family + these friends + “major” things from people I know + local news – anything political – anything else. And if I ask for it, show it to me. No censoring.

Ultimately, though, a platform is the problem. Once network effect levels are reached the temptation to abuse it overwhelms those driven by quarterly profit reports.

I’ve achieved network effect in a niche called “practical shooting”. Most of practical shooting uses a set of tools and a website that my team created and maintains. We are regularly asked to abuse this position in various ways by businesses, sports, and even regular people. That we don’t isn’t necessarily a testament to us, but more that we do this as a side-gig and it isn’t financially critical to us. If it covers its expenses, I’m happy.

If my wealth was tied to it, or the wealth of my investors, then I might not be able to resist.

The nut of it is that “network effect” = needs to be regulated if on a national or global scale. Everybody needs a boss and, right now, Facebook, Google, and Amazon do not have an effective one.

Breaking up their monopolies might not follow the traditional path of an AT&T or Standard Oil breakup – instead consider breaking up the core danger… their algorithms.